What's true for you?


Accessing your turn on in life and love can feel scary and evoke the freedom and aliveness you've been craving!

Your path to pleasure is unique to you; whether you're going through a period of transition, healing trauma, exploring your intimacy needs, learning what being sexually empowered is all about, igniting fresh desire in your relationship or thirsty to explore your wild inner fire — I’ll meet you there.

Your pleasure is my highest priority. 


Your pleasure is your greatest gift.

I'm Laura Griffiths—conversational bio.

Your turn on is my highest priority.


Laura is a rare gem and woman of bountiful talents; she fuses years of multidisciplinary training and research with the heart and soul of a wise healer. Having the opportunity to work with her is a transformative gift anyone seeking to evolve, heal or expand should allow themselves to experience. She will blow your mind with her capacity to personalize her offer as she reads and senses her clients needs with utmost precision and compassion. Her gifts are hard to capture as they defy the framework of any practitioner model…I am forever grateful for the impact she has had and continues to have on my life.

- Sara


Blending wisdom of the body with science of the mind, Laura helped me release childhood trauma blocking me from experiencing deep intimacy with myself and others.

— Renee