Laura Griffiths

What turns you on?


my WHY

What if I told you...

That when you're tapped into your erotic intelligence, you're unstoppable in every area of your life. 

Hi, I'm Laura Griffiths—a certified sex and intimacy coach, leadership advisor, and holistic health practitioner here to guide you into your highest level of turn on. 

Because when you release the shame and story around your pleasure, power, and sexuality, you unlock your freedom and potential. 

Your pleasure is your greatest gift. 


Healing Journey

The Path to Pleasure™

In a world of high performing and achieving, we as women have learned to dismiss the wisdom of our body and intuition, which holds our greatest gifts. When we remember how to tap into our wild feminine nature, we ignite our erotic intelligence and walk deeper into our creative expression, power, and purpose.

This is The Path to Pleasure™.


tune in

Access your inner voice, wisdom, and greatest pleasure by tuning inward and listening to the undercurrents of your desire. 



Move beyond fear, trauma, and shame to access peace and healing around your sensuality and feminine nature. This is where your freedom lies.  


turn on

Light the match that is your wild erotic fire. Claim the spectrum of your unique turn on and be unapologetic about your hunger for life. 



Integrate your pleasure, power, and sensuality in every area of your life — from how you lead to how you play in bed. You are unstoppable.  

Laura is one of the greatest coaches and healers of our time. Blending intuition, empathy, and science, she’ll shed light on what’s preventing your highest potential and greatest freedom. Run, don’t walk, for the chance to work with her.
— Amber Rae, best-selling author + artist

work with me

Sessions & Immersions

I invite you to join me in awakening your erotic power through deep immersive and experiential work. As a certified sex and intimacy coach, leadership advisor, and holistic health practitioner, your pleasure is my highest priority. I serve clients and couples through customized programs based on your unique needs. Here are a few of my offerings...


one-on-one session: activate your pleasure


women's circle: learn the art of slow


Solo deep dive: sensual self-care


intimacy immersion: unlock your turn on


relationship coaching: walk the path



hello love,


To your pleasure,



Your pleasure is your greatest gift.